Ethos of driving and texting

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How did the accident happen. It's legal to dial. After watching the video and statements, you will form judgments or opinions on the video and its presentation. One of the more significant changes I made to the website was the design itself. We all have to go places and need transportation, whether you drive, take the bus, ride your bike, or walk.

I believe that these two visuals paired together made the argument very strong because it greatly impacted the emotions of a huge audience. The number of deaths caused by texting while driving have grown exponentially since cell phones were created and citizens began to use them.

That being said, I did not change anything major in my project at all. Both of my classmates really enjoyed my project and thought that I had done a great job choosing the visuals. Overall, the video sends a really heartfelt message: How did the accident happen. The driver then gains consciousness and tried to wake the children in the back, they do not wake up.

Josh McGrath English Teenagers and Pencil Box Films made this video as a public service announcement to remind people how dangerous it is to text and drive.

You're allowed to scroll through the phone to make a phone call. Works Cited "Death By Txt. Each of these rhetorical elements utilized by the ad leave a lasting impact on its viewers and ensure that its audience is captivated by its purpose.

There is a middle age man driving while texting on his cellular devise. Due to the fact that teens make up for a large proportion of distracted driving incidents, the rhetorical elements in this ad specifically target a younger, teenage audience.

The second visual claim that I chose shows a picture from the back seat of a car. Studies have shown that texting while driving actually more dangerous than driving while drunk.

Most audiences will have experienced death and the pain it causes, whether that experience was the loss of person, or even a pet.

The girl in the video talks in a depressed, sad tone and this allows her pain to come through the speakers. But when seeing an ad like this where the result is so brutal and the video seems so real, drivers can suddenly begin to understand the danger they are putting themselves and others in.

Then, a vibrating sound from a phone begins; the phone is opened on the dash, surrounded by broken glass. There is nothing I could do to de-blur the video when it first came up. Jan 24,  ·  Texting and Driving Crash- It Can Wait Tiffany Wilkerson Southeastern Technical College AT&T is a major phone corporation.

This company has also taken a huge stance on texting and number of people killed in distraction-affected crashes decreased slightly from 3, in to 3, in Although pathos and ethos are the prominent means utilized in the texting while driving commercial, logos is present.

Logos, referred to as the logical appeal, focuses on. Start studying Examples of ethos, pathos, and logos. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Transcript of Logos, Ethos, Pathos Danielle Deffebach, Lizabeth Du Val, Morgan Difonzo Logos,Ethos,Pathos The target audience is any person with the ability to drive. Most drivers are not fully aware of the consequences of texting and driving, and the effects it can have.

Ethos President Obama's Speech This speech made by President Obama about Syria and the U.S response is an example of Ethos because of the power and knowledge of Obama. Pathos, Ethos and Logos Pathos An appeal to the audiences emotions Logos AT&T This commercial by AT&T demonstrates how a simple text could cause someone to veer off the road, killing themselves and possibly others.

It causes viewers to think about the consequences of texting and driving and how it can wait. When the little girl is shown next to.

Ethos of driving and texting
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Logos, Ethos, Pathos by Danielle Deffebach on Prezi