Modern living has made us week and disease prone

People have all got influenced by the western styles and now are getting lazier We do not know even we to start, not even the basics.

They often died young, often because they just wore As a result, people are becoming weak and more prone to diseases. These begin right from the stage a child is admitted to school. Modern living has opened up more choices for health care and increased consciousness of the common man towards dietary ethics through the internet basically.

Inadequate nutritious food makes our immune system weak. Because of this constant exposure to poor hygiene and disease, over generations Europeans developed very strong immunities they had to to survive.

North America seems to be leading the world in weight gain. Smoki ng also causes many types of cancers such as lung cancer and stomach cancer Now, due to easy availability of many consumer items in the market attracts each and every consumer and they try to procure the item either by spending their saving or taking loan from the banks etc.

Fitness tips for students It is necessary for students to remain physically fit and mental fitness depends on it. Modern lifestyle has adversely affected the health of people. The good news is that, even though we may be more disease-prone, we also have the medical advancements to counterbalance these problems.

There are apps and machines that people can use at home: Cyclone- prone areas in India. Unhealthy and disease prone. Also now people use computers for the advancement of their knowledge, books are no longer the main way to improve the understanding of a specific matter.

Our food was once grown organically by farmers. We will be like scuba divers depending entirely on our technology to survive in our own environment. Do you think that you are showing high moral standard by following that fixed healthy and hygienic routine.

We also learned that fat tastes good. Lori Steinbach Certified Educator I agree with the others here; as a whole, this statement is probably not true based on the factors already mentioned.

We breathe in stale air and make ourselves susceptible to various diseases. But they do not suffer malnutrition whilst living the western life.

It is not necessary to join Yoga or gym classes to remain healthy. It is a frequently asked question by many of us. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong.

Modern living has not made us weak,unhealthy and disease

Life was hard, full of difficult challenges and unavoidable obstacles. Actually the number of obese people has increased Gujarat Andaman and Nicobar islands Lakshadweep islands KATCH DELHI NCR Since the earthquake are caused by the sliding of the plates due to a pressure built under the plate joins the plate joints are understood as the weak zones which can easily give way to earthquake thus plate joints are called the seismic zones or the fault zones the places situated above the plate joints are know as earthquake prone areas Kashmir.

The advancement of many new sciences has made our lives easier and more convenient. Also moving out means great change,some people are used to their country and are not willing to change. Would you be able to function right. Our attitudes feed this de-evolution making us weaker by the generation.

There has been an incredible rise in the number of people falling ill. Medicines are fraught with side effects.

modern living has made the people of india sick,weak and disease prone

Coconut is the most common cooking ingredient in our Indian food recipes. This implies to our daily habits also. In Europe it was very cramped and people lived in very close proximity to each other.

Modern living makes it easier to stay healthy and free from diseases. For example, modern living has made it possible for people to go to health clubs to exercise on the latest exercise equipment.

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Apr 07,  · Unhealthy and disease prone. Our tendency is towards weaker and weaker immune systems. Unfortunately, when you circumvent natural selection, you weaken the species--humans are weaker because of the "wonders of modern medicine." We have anti-biotics to fight diseases for us and then procreate making future generations a step weaker than the Resolved.

Modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy and disease-prone

Mar 03,  · I have a debate,"modern living has made people weak, disease prone." i am for the motion. any suggestions?

For a debate.i need some points "for" the topic `modern living has made people weak and disease prone.?Status: Resolved.

Modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy and disease-prone

Modern living has made people weak, unhealthy and disease prone. Posted Date: 01 Oct | Updated: Oct It is a frequently asked question by many of us.

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Research has proved that the animal based food in our day to day diet can affect our cholesterol level. Coconut is the most common cooking ingredient in our Indian food recipes.

Modern Living Has Made People Weak, Unhealthy and Disease Prone. Isn't this unhealthy?But modern living makes us obese and also mentally sick as scientifically it is proved that brain automatically relaxes So the people working in the companies become mentally ill and sick.

unhealthy and disease prone Modern living means adopting. Modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy and disease-prone a class debate on modern living conditions -its advantages as well as to know about indian living conditions and future results of modern type of living conditions.

Modern living has made us week and disease prone
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Daily Life: Modern living has made the people of India weak, unhealthy and disease prone